Nivea joined Pepsi in the terribly mishandled advertisement department just days before the soft drink giant aired an ill-advised spot featuring Kendell Jenner. The cosmetic company’s “White Is Purity” advertisement came out well before the Pepsi spot and caused a fair amount of outrage that went missing in the past week.

With Mother’s day coming Sunday, incarcerated rapper Lil Wayne may not write rhymes, but took the time to pen a letter and pay homage to the mother all around. Going from his recent track record before going to jail, he has created more than enough new mothers. Apparently the time behind bars has created more […]

Although time is catching up to rapper Lil Wayne as he awaits time behind bars, he has one more thing to smile about as reports state that his son was born today (November 30). His partner in crime Mack Mane and Young Money Capo Tweeted, “Thank god. Baby Neal was born healthy to Nivea Nash […]

The Dream discussed his recent feelings on Nivea and Lil Wayne expecting a child in a recent interview. “I’ve never met him,” The Dream says of Lil Wayne. “We’re somewhere in the grey area I guess, cause we haven’t had the chance to talk. But I wish him and Nivea the best. If marriage comes […]