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Nivea joined Pepsi in the terribly mishandled advertisement department just days before the soft drink giant aired an ill-advised spot featuring Kendell Jenner. The cosmetic company’s “White Is Purity” advertisement came out well before the Pepsi spot and caused a fair amount of outrage that went missing in the past week.

USA Today reports:

Skincare product maker Nivea posted an ad to Facebook on March 31 showing a white-robed woman sitting in front of a window with her hair down. At the bottom of the ad are the words “White is Purity” a phrase that sparked a social media outrage followed by the company removing the ad.

“Keep it clean, keep bright,” said the post on the company’s Nivea Middle East Facebook page. “Don’t let anything ruin it, #invisible.” The ad was pushing Nivea’s “Invisible for Black & White” antiperspirant, which the company said is for use “with black and/or white clothing.”

The reaction on social media was passionate as expected, with Twitter users taking aim at the ad in the past few days in the wake of the Pepsi scandal. Nivea issued a statement apologizing for the ad, but the damage was far-reaching at that point.

We’ve collected some of the responses below and on the following pages.

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