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Hushpuppi was charged by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles for a number of money laundering scams.

As several outlets around the globe are reporting, the 36-year-old world leader has been combating a dire health situation and said to be in a vegetative state if not already deceased.

So we’re just kidding about the foreign policy expert part but Dennis Rodman should get some credit for getting up close and personal with North Korea officials years ago as part of a basketball delegation. This might explain why the NBA Hall of Fame legend was overcome with emotion as he shared his views on […]

A scheduled meeting between the United States and North Korea next month was thrown into deeper jeopardy after the country reacting to recent comments from Vice President Mike Pence. Pence said that North Korea could “end like Libya” which sparked the rival nation to threaten a “nuclear-to-nuclear showdown.”

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un made a rare public statement in response to President Donald Trump, using the term "dotard" to describe the U.S. leader.

Kim Jong-Un has executed 15 officials this year, because they were disloyal to the squad. In laymen’s terms, the fearsome North Korean leader had top officials killed for things like disagreeing with his plan to make a building shaped like a flower, and naming it after his grandfather.

North Korea is sure that President Obama shut down their Internet, and they’re steaming mad. To prove it, the National Defense Commission likened the president to a primate in a statement released Saturday (Dec. 27) morning.

The Interview is coming to (select) theaters on Christmas Day. After allegedly getting hacked by North Korea, and bowing to their demands,  Sony finally scooped up the balls to go forward with this damn thing.

Dennis Rodman’s man crush towards North Korea dictator Kim Jong-Un has reached new highs and lows in just one off-key rendition of the world’s most popular song.

Dennis Rodman must not have heard or doesn’t care that Kim Jong Un feeds his family members to wild dogs for afternoon snacks. The NBA Hall of Famer arrived in North Korea today, January 6 with a gang of ex-pros old enough to never have had their faces regenerated for the XBOX 360.

North Korea leader Kim Jong-un made headlines this week after reportedly ordering the execution of his uncle, Jang Song-thaek. The men were said to be clashing over the country’s lucrative fishing and coal industries, and there are also rumors that Mr. Kim was drunk when he ordered the slaying.

The freezing cold war between North and South Korea trudges along with new claims that Kim Jong Un‘s country is up to no good. According to a “source” in South Korea, citizens of the North were held in front a firing squad for reasons that ranged from immoral (prostitution) to downright frivolous.