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So we’re just kidding about the foreign policy expert part but Dennis Rodman should get some credit for getting up close and personal with North Korea officials years ago as part of a basketball delegation. This might explain why the NBA Hall of Fame legend was overcome with emotion as he shared his views on U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korea President Kim Jong Un meeting on Tuesday (June 12).

CNN reports:

Openly wiping away tears from beneath a large pair of black sunglasses, Rodman, who arrived in Singapore overnight, appeared overcome with emotion during an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo Tuesday, as Kim and Trump prepared to sit down for talks in the Asian city-state.

Wearing a red “Make America Great Again” baseball cap, the former NBA Hall-of-Famer said that Tuesday’s historic meeting was years in the making.

“It’s a great day. I am here to see it. I’m so happy,” he said.

Rodman, who has previously boasted of his role in bringing the two leaders together, described how he always believed in helping North Korea.

“Once I got familiar with the culture and situation, I felt like I was at home,” he said of his previous trips to the reclusive country, initially as part of a basketball delegation.

Making this an even more bizarre show was the former Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls legend wearing a shirt from Potcoin, a marijuana cryptocurrency company that sponsored his trip to Singapore where the world leaders met. As noted on every major news outlet today, Trump and Kim apparently signed a denuclearization agreement which could end one of the longstanding tensions between countries with nuclear capability.

Check out Dennis Rodman’s tearful moment in the clip below. Hit the flip for reactions from Twitter.

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