It’s Love & Hip Hop Reunion time, so you know what that means?  The cast members reunite one more time rocking their most ridiculous gowns and suits to recap and reopen the wounds they endured during the season and fill us in on what’s happening in their lives since taping stopped.


We got back to regular messy order on Love & Hip Hop last night. We learn that Juelz might not be on the only person heading to jail this season, Mariahlynn and Kimbella are Yandy haters and Nya Lee and Sidney Starr’s “beef” isn’t finished cooking.


Last weeks episode of Love and Hip Hop New York was heavy on the sadness, but we return to regular ratchet order this week. It’s a whole lot of woe is me, situations that could have been easily avoided and people who have no business being in a studio.


Last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop was definitely a mix of ratchet behavior with a heavy dose of sad moments. We learned some of the cast members are dealing with some severe issues and sought help from fellow cast mates to hopefully get them.


As the saying goes, “if you got it, flaunt it” but there’s plenty of women – and some men, if we’re honest – that will just purchase the body parts they’re lacking. However, the dawn of enhanced butt-cheeks and chest-pieces is upon us and some of today’s top rap figures and celebrities may have got […]

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While we have Oprah and others doing their best to advance how women are depicted on television, there are still some women holding sisters back from greatness.

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There are plenty of notable MCs in the game that would make good use of a Jadakiss verse. Nevertheless, stripper turned rapper Nya Lee, now of Love & Hip Hop New York infamy, drops her video for “NY Money” featuring 16 bars from Kiss. 


Last night was episode two of the latest season of Love & Hip Hop New York and the audacity of this “reality television” show reached peak struggle. Peter Gunz was still the winner when it comes to dirt bags, but we were also blessed with a the views of a stripper that claims to be […]

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With a title like “Fully Loaded,” one would expect to hear rhymes of machine gun funk. Such isn’t the case for this Red Café track, which instead puts the re-donk-ulous women he adores on a pedestal. See what happened there?

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Who is a Nya Lee you may be asking? The former “pole athlete” is now an artist affiliated with Fabolous. All good, but until we hear what her forthcoming mixtape called Da Big Homie sounds like, we’ll settle for looking at pictures of her plump derriere. No misogyny.