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Who is a Nya Lee you may be asking? The former “pole athlete” is now an artist affiliated with Fabolous. All good, but until we hear what her forthcoming mixtape called Da Big Homie sounds like, we’ll settle for looking at pictures of her plump derriere. No misogyny.

According to the Bronx native with the Caesar haircut’s bio, she is “a young 21 yr-old ambitious women headed to the top and has great work ethic and the determination she need’s to get there.” One of her accomplishments was allegedly making $20K in one night at the “gentleman’s” club. But that bandz a make her dance life, and music, ain’t all she got on the resume, there is also her own #BANNEDbyNYA clothing line

The folks at Bossip recently spotted her out kicking it with Fab. No disrespect to Loso, but we’d rather see her in pics for self. Which is exactly what we assembled here for your viewing pleasure.


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Photos: Jose Guerra/Dynasty Series, Instagram, et al.

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