Pablo Escobar


This is the latest example of a rapper getting a call from a drug lord's family as Jackie-O found out that using the name Griselda Blanco to move music wasn't the move when "The Godmother"'s son reached out to her over use of the name. We don't care how hard you may think you are, you don't want that druglord family smoke.


Unbeknownst to many, Cam'ron recently took a trip down to Colombia to shoot his latest visuals to "Medellin" and not only did he visit the town of cocaine kingpin legend Pablo Escobar, but Killa was even joined by the family of the iconic druglord.

Whether you like it or not, the foldable phone craze is here, and the Escobar family is getting in on the action. Deceased drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar’s brother Roberto announced Escobar Inc’s new foldable smartphone.

Netflix and the brother of the late Pablo Escobar are embroiled in a legal trademark battle, with the brother threatening to "close their little show."


Netflix knows no chill when it comes to giving fiends what they want and what they want are drug cartel themed shows and gut-wrenching  novelas.

Late Colombian drug Pablo Escobar’s money was so long they’re still finding stashes of it. A safe was recently found during the demolition of one of his old Miami Beach cribs.