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Late Colombian drug Pablo Escobar’s money was so long they’re still finding stashes of it. A safe was recently found during the demolition of one of his old Miami Beach cribs. 

Reports Raw Story:

Workers carrying out the demolition of the mansion in Miami Beach that belonged to drug trafficker Pablo Escobar found a metal safe under the house’s foundations on Monday.

The discovery was made at around 11 am. The safe is approximately 2 feet wide by 2 feet long and weighs about 600 pounds. The box is locked, and its contents are unknown.

The owners of the mansion had previously found a hole where another safe was believed to have been hidden. But that safe was stolen in the last 30 days, and there is currently a police investigation into its disappearance.

The home is currently owned by Christian de Berdouare, the founder Chicken Kitchen, and his wife, Jennifer Valoppi, a television journalist.

Apparently they get to keep the goods because the safe will be taken to a bank until they decide to open it. Reportedly, that will happen after they complete a documentary about a history of the mansion.

Escobar was killed after a massive manhunt in 1993.

Photo: AP Photo