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As the person swiftly realized, Wall and Sparxxx earned their place in the culture the right way and Twitter fans gathered to defend the pair.


Well, at least he's still using whatever influence he has left to encourage people to fight back against the Rona. Unlike a certain orange hued liar who called the virus a hoax only to get his vaccine in secret as to not enrage his cult following.

As expected, Twitter schooled this grossly uninformed person by mentioning a host of MCs that included the likes of Paul Wall, Action Bronson, and more.

The veteran Houston rapper locked in with a variety of producers and studio professionals to create 'SUBCULTURE,' an 11-track body of work recorded in a matter of days.

Paul Wall is probably the most thankful man in Hip-Hop right now. He narrowly survived a very dangerous crash in his hometown.

Paul Wall is a man of his word. The Texas rapper has confirmed that all Houston Astros will be getting custom gold grilled, as he promised, since they held their end of the bargain by winning the World Series. 


Paul Wall and Baby Bash will not be looking at jail time after getting pinched during a Houston drug raid back in late 2016. A grand jury chose not to indict the rappers on the felony drug-related charges they were facing. 

Entrepreneurship has long been considered to be an unofficial element of Hip-Hop and weed has always been the culture’s drug of choice. So it makes all of the sense in the world for rappers who love the green leaf to start getting into the legal business of selling it. Legal marijuana is expected to be […]

Paul Wall and Baby Bash have been arrested. The two rappers were popped and charged with felonies after a drug raid in Houston. 

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