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Paul Wall might not have the same influence on Hip-Hoppers he once did when he had the “internet going nuts” back in the early 00’s, but today he’s still a presence on social media and likes to chime in on debates while promoting the COVID-19 vaccine many are scared to partake in.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the Houston rapper got into a bevy of subjects such as being a white rapper (of course), who he’s actually would be preferred to be compared to (hint: not white rappers), and getting the COVID vaccine a few weeks back.

Naturally Paul Wall got a lot of backlash from social media followers for getting the COVID-19 vaccine as early as he did, but the man explained he’s gotten all kinds of vaccines necessary to travel around the world anyway and given the state of the world, he knew this one was probably the most important one.

The way I saw it was that I’m going to have to get it anyway. It made me think, why be on the late show? Why be the last? Let me get it as soon as I can. The earlier I get it, the earlier I can get back to a sense of normalcy. And that was a huge driving factor.”

Well, at least he’s still using whatever influence he has left to encourage people to fight back against the Rona. Unlike a certain orange hued liar who called the virus a hoax only to get his vaccine in secret as to not enrage his cult following.

As for his name being thrown around in the “best white rappers” category these days, while flattered, Paul Wall would rather people compare him to his H-Town brethren when mentioning his name as those were the people he looked up to.

“Honestly, I personally would prefer to have my name not mentioned alongside codifiers, like “white rapper” or things like that, because the codifiers I like are Texas rappers. If you were to compare me to Lil’ Keke or the people that really inspired me, like UGK… In my mind, that’s who I think I should be compared to.”

We understand where he’s coming from but I doubt heads are going to be comparing Paul Wall to Bun B anytime soon. Maybe Slim Thug? Y’all let us know what y’all think.