Since 2018, Alcindor worked as the White House correspondent for PBS NewsHour.

Karma has a beautiful way of always checking you, case in point meet Tavis Smiley, who now has to pay back his former employer, the Public Broadcasting Service, a smooth $2.6 million a judge ordered.

The legal tussle between PBS and Tavis Smiley is still ongoing, and a blow was handed out to the former television host this week. On Wednesday (March 4), the network won $1.5 million citing that Smiley violated a morality clause.

Dave Chappelle has made a career out of pushing the lines of comedy and harsh commentary, using his sharp if abrasive wit to get others to pay attention to whatever point he’s making. He faced criticism for making a joke during one of his Netflix stand-up specials about Louis C.K.’s “Me Too” moment but isn’t […]

Tavis Smiley and his firing from the PBS network amid alleged sexual misconduct allegations tarnished the legacy of the longtime journalist, but he has resisted owning the claims. Smiley filed a lawsuit against his former employer on Tuesday (Feb. 20) over the allegations, saying that it was a breach of contract and caused financial losses […]

Nas will forever live on by way of his critically-acclaimed debut album Illmatic, and a stirring performance never before seen will be made available to the masses. Next month, PBS’ THIRTEEN series will unveil the concert film Great Performances – Nas Live From the Kennedy Center: Classical Hip-Hop with legendary Queensbridge rapper performing the influential album […]

Tavis Smiley, the longtime host of the eponymous PBS daily talk show, is yet another high-profile male figure facing the so-called reckoning experienced by men in power accused of sexual misconduct. The network suspended Smiley’s show amid allegations of sexual misconduct among low-level staffers living in fear of losing their jobs.

PBS isn’t pleased with the way producers for their show, Finding Your Roots handled the Ben Affleck situation. The A-list actor admitted he was “embarrassed” to learn a distant relative was a slave master and did everything in his power to make sure that particular segment of the episode didn’t crack daylight.

Much controversy has surrounded Ben Affleck’s recent appearance on the PBS ancestral show Finding Your Roots and the new Batman is finally coming clean.

Over the summer, veteran rapper Nas appeared on a panel discussion in California to discuss his appearance on PBS’ Finding Your Roots program with Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. The episode aired last night, and the Queensbridge representative took in the jewels he learned with the Harvard professor.

Although Nas is a veteran MC at this stage of the game, he still has lots to learn. The Queensbridge artist appeared on the PBS series Finding Your Roots, and discovered plenty regarding his family’s history.

We’re still finding jewels in classic 2Pac Skakur interviews 17 years after his untimely death. Take this 1994 discussion with Entertainment Weekly’s Benjamin Svetkey for instance.