phi beta sigma

Anyone who attended an HBCU knows that the Divine 9 don’t play and it was a lesson that Ralph Lauren had to learn the hard way.

There aren’t many organizations, sects or units that can say they have been around for 100 years but the Phi Beta Sigma has managed to stand the test of time.

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated is feeling the wrath of parents whose son died after being hazed. 20-year-old Donnie Wade Jr. died October 20 at a pre-dawn exercise with his soon to be “brothers.” The biology major attended Prairie View A&M University where he was put on a strict bread and water diet,  paddled and […]

The men of Phi Beta Sigma are hosting their National Conclave this week in New Orleans, Louisiana and according to sources within the fraternity, a vote by several members of the brotherhood will see some very influential men voted into their ranks very soon. Former President and notorious philanderer William Jefferson Clinton was the first […]