Sony’s greatest gift to the gaming world, the PlayStation turned 25 today (Dec.3), and to celebrate the console’s birthday, we racked our brains and took a stroll down memory lane thinking about the best games we played PS One – PlayStation 4.

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The former Different World star chatted with us about life lessons he took away while playing his favorite video games.

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Need something to entertain yourself with during your lunch break? Don’t worry, we got the perfect thing for you; the I Am Street Fighter, a documentary celebrating the game’s 25th anniversary. The incredibly consistent and challenging Street Fighter franchise from Capcom has inspired many legendary moments (remember Daigo versus Justin Wong?) over the last quarter century, and nobody […]


While most of us here in the U.S. were taking our lunch break, the gaming industry was experiencing an exciting moment on the other side of the pond.


As we anticipate any inkling of word from the upcoming Superman / Batman film,  fans of the Dark Knight and video games have some good news to hold them over for awhile. Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment confirmed that Batman: Arkham Origins will ship into stores with a multiplayer mode that allows gamers […]

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As expected, those rumors are true that Infinity Ward is looking to develop a new Call of Duty game for next-gen gamers.

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Has the legendary video game studio that’s given us unbelievable titles to play throughout the years just gone off the deep end?

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Is this the tipping point where Call of Duty fans hop aboard what is hands down one of the best multiplayer first-person shooters in the gaming industry?

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Sony just unveiled its next generation gaming console, the Playstation 4. Although it was foregone that the new system would be unveiled at tonight’s media event, speculation has turned to reality as Sony reveals details about this powerful system and all its bells and whistles.

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Rosa Acosta has teamed up again with urban gaming specialists Konsole Kingz after the success of their 2010 collaboration, which made her the highest-rated model in the PlayStation store. The Dominican bombshell, this time, has collaborated with the company for a “cowgirl bathtime” theme which features her in nothing but a cowgirl hat, boots, and […]

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DJ Green Lantern takes some time off from his insane workload to put together a new mixtape, Invade The Game, in collaboration with Konsole Kingz, and Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation 3, too. The first leak is an ode to the Italian dish, and moolah, with verses from Pusha T, Emilio Rojas, and Future, who supplies […]