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How many people have become disgruntled and irritated when they come home from a long day at work, expecting a meal, but find no food ready or even being cooked? For Guy Edward Jones, 60, a missed meal from his wife resulted in him burning down the house. He must have figured that he’d cook […]

With the tension in Arizona still intact, various hate groups have joined the battle in making sure that the immigration laws can keep “illegal aliens” out of their country. These people just don’t know when to give it up do they? Having many perceiving Arizona as a state submerged in racism, what better outlet than […]

A deputy in Colorado has been placed on unpaid administrative leave following an incident at a high school career fair. Unable to release the name of the deputy he/she is accused of using a stun gun on 30 students. According to officials for Lake County High School, the students asked to be shocked so they […]

As the owner felt he was doing the right thing, the court system saw things differently as a man was convicted of beating his dog. Not denying the fact that he smashed his dog in the head with a sledgehammer twice, Joe Waters told the DeKalb County Superior Court that he believed his dog was […]

“I kind of had a feeling it was going to turn out this way,” plaintiff Michael Mineo said. “If you want to commit a murder, join the NYPD.” A police officer can sleep a little more soundly now as he was acquitted Monday of accusations that he sodomized a drug suspect in a subway station. […]

With word coming from everyone but the source, the silence from the golfer will come to a close as he will speak to the media for the first time about his infidelity on Friday. It has been close to three months since pro golfer Tiger Woods went into seclusion after news was revealed that he […]

With the recent “foot in the mouth” moment from singer/guitar player John Mayer, there has been a minor backlash from the community as some have lost faith over his usage of the word “N*gger” in regards to him having a hood pass. While many continue to be simply affected by the audacity of a white […]