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“I kind of had a feeling it was going to turn out this way,” plaintiff Michael Mineo said. “If you want to commit a murder, join the NYPD.”

A police officer can sleep a little more soundly now as he was acquitted Monday of accusations that he sodomized a drug suspect in a subway station.

Facing a potential 25 years in prison for aggravated sexual abuse, Officer Richard Kern, was accused by the suspect, Michael Mineo, of violating him with a police baton and shoving it up his rectum multiple times.  According to Mineo, he was chased down and assaulted after lighting marijuana on the street.

Along with Kern, Officers Andrew Morales and Alex Cruz could have faced four years in prison on charges of hindering prosecution as they were accused of helping to cover up the assault.

Morales and Cruz also had the charges dropped against them.

After realizing what they had done, Mineo stated that the officers tried to bribe him to stay quiet on the event and let him go.

Occurring back in October 2008, Mineo filed a lawsuit of $440 million against the city.

When asked about his future, Kern stated: “Hopefully get back on the street and do what I love to do: protecting the people of Brooklyn.”

Kern, however, plead a different case and stated that he was under the belief that Mineo was emotionally disturbed after he started to go crazy and let him go due to the low priority of marijuana possession for his department.

The case fell onto the credibility and believability of Mineo as he is a self-professed member of the Crips gang and his criminal background is full of arrests.  His body language during while on the witness stand showed his agitation, whereas the defense was calm and collected.

Just another case of fighting the law, and the law always prevails.

Check the video below of Mineo being hospitalized.