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As the owner felt he was doing the right thing, the court system saw things differently as a man was convicted of beating his dog.

Not denying the fact that he smashed his dog in the head with a sledgehammer twice, Joe Waters told the DeKalb County Superior Court that he believed his dog was sick and putting him out of his misery would be the best resort.

A case dating back to December 1, 2008, the almost lifeless body of the canine was found by Robert Kennedy in Murphey Candler Park in Atlanta the following day.

The dog suffered from a severe skull fracture along with hypothermia.  Losing an eye, the dog has been able to recover since the incident and now lives with Kennedy.

Although the jury agreed, somewhat, with the story told by Waters, they found him guilty of one felony, the attempt to commit aggravated animal cruelty, as he did make an attempt on his animal’s life.

He was, however, given some slack, as he was also found guilty on two lesser misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty, in place of the original felony charges that he would have face.

With no date set for his sentencing, Water should expect to do time behind bars along with paying fines for his actions.

A plea bargain was offered to Waters with a five-year sentence, serving two in prison and a fine of $5,000 to the Atlanta Humane Society, but he declined the offer.