Animal Cruelty

Ceaser usually does the firing on his hit reality show Black Ink Crew, but this time, he got the boot by VH1.

The seven-part Tiger King documentary series focuses on the drama surrounding the culture of collecting big cats meant to only live in the wild and the riff between Oklahoma cat park owner Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin.

The Atlanta Falcons need another dog killer in their legacy just like Roger Goodell needs another quarterly bonus, but that is allegedly what they have with their young linebacker Prince Shembo.

The actions of a sick and deranged neighbor of a four-year old girl may have just scarred the poor child for life. He shot her dog and then proudly posted his evil deed on Facebook.

There is never any country for beastiality and that certainly includes the state of Florida.

With all of this discussion about animal cruelty and how poorly animals are treated by humans, it seems as though there can be some instances where the effects can have dire consequences for people. Although a woman did not partake in abusing animals, she was the victim as she was attacked by a Pitbull to […]

As the owner felt he was doing the right thing, the court system saw things differently as a man was convicted of beating his dog. Not denying the fact that he smashed his dog in the head with a sledgehammer twice, Joe Waters told the DeKalb County Superior Court that he believed his dog was […]

A woman in Pennsylvania faces animal cruelty charges after police say she was selling what she describes as “gothic kittens”, cats she pierced in the ears, neck or tail. 35-year-old dog groomer Holly Crawford’s lawyers contend that she wasn’t trying to hurt the cats and used sterilized needles to perform the procedures. The pierced felines […]