Pop-Up Shops

This week, XUPERMASK will offer its first-ever pop-up experience in Los Angeles, giving prospective buyers an exclusive look at the masks and other items for purchase.

Kylie Jenner fans were upset at the star after waiting hours upon hours for their fave to show up at a pop-up store event yesterday (May 18). Jenner put the blame on police, who cut of streets and rerouted traffic which made it difficult for her to meet with fans.

The force and stubbornness of a Chicago bull was with Kanye West as he landed his Yeezus tour in his hometown and sprung another pop-up show ripe with Confederate flag apparel.

After the south received their crash course in all-things Crenshaw, Nipsey Hussle took his pop-up shop upward to the heart of Brooklyn.

The award for the most buzzworthy mixtape of the year goes to Nipsey Hussle’s Crenshaw, hands down. If his last name wasn’t indicative enough, the proudly independent MC is always looking to squeeze a buck out of every rap that he spits with his #Proud2Pay campaign.