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The award for the most buzzworthy mixtape of the year goes to Nipsey Hussle’s Crenshaw, hands down. If his last name wasn’t indicative enough, the proudly independent MC is always looking to squeeze a buck out of every rap that he spits with his #Proud2Pay campaign. Although it was released for free on digital download sites, Neighborhood Nip did the unthinkable and sold the physical copies for a cool $100 a pop.

Speaking of pop, Neighborhood Nip was recently down bottom in Atlanta to keep promoting his cash cow CD. Joining him at the Fly Kix ATL boutique was the tape’s co-author, DJ Drama who also happes to be an ATL resident.

While most fans initially scoffed at the notion of dropping Ben Franks on a product that was given out for free, the move earned the respect of his peers.

Jay Z and Roc Nation in particular rewarded Nip’s efforts by purchasing 100 copies of the disc, making the choice to go against the grain that much sweeter.

With his movement picking up steam, Nipsy has continued to remain adamant against signing a record label contract–especially with another rapper unless the business side of things aligns with his ideals.

The pro bono version of Crenshaw is still available here.

Check the gallery to peep how even the Southern hemisphere came out to support the Cali OG. Playbacc Films also captured the event in motion picture format.

Photo: Jasmine Clay

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