Utilizing some melodic vocals for the chorus along with a rapid fire flow for the verses, the Crenshaw artist Nana proves to be a multi-tooled talent who seems poised to stand out in the rap game for years to come.


As suspected there are several layers to yet to be peeled on Nipsey Hussle’s murder. The law has confirmed they were keeping tabs on his movements prior to his death.


Nipsey Hussle is known for looking out for his people and now he’s also stepping up to feed them.

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Nipsey Hussle will let it be known that he’s a Westsider for life, as if his booming Crenshaw campaign wasn’t enough evidence to convince the general public otherwise.

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The quest over Crenshaw’s crown has already been sowed up by Nipsey Hussle this year but he’s going to keep it 100 the only way he knows how. And that’s with hard work and dedication to the music he puts out.


After the south received their crash course in all-things Crenshaw, Nipsey Hussle took his pop-up shop upward to the heart of Brooklyn.

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The award for the most buzzworthy mixtape of the year goes to Nipsey Hussle’s Crenshaw, hands down. If his last name wasn’t indicative enough, the proudly independent MC is always looking to squeeze a buck out of every rap that he spits with his #Proud2Pay campaign.

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The West Coast is always at the forefront of any Nipsey Hussle endeavor. That remains consistent in the visual for his Crenshaw track “1 of 1.”

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With all the hoopla surrounding Nipsey Hussle, his Crenshaw mixtape, and boundary pushing #Proud2Pay campaign, Complex found it appropriate to reach out to the MC for an interview. After declining their first proposition due to a gripe with the publication over a 10 Underachieving Rappers list, the Los Angeles MC eventually phoned in to discuss his disdain for the magazine’s coverage of […]

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Many scoffed at the idea of a $100 mixtape, but Nipsey Hussle got the last laugh after successfully peddling 1000 units of Crenshaw less than 24 hours after its release. Earlier today, the Los Angeles native posted a photo on his Facebook page thanking Jay Z for purchasing 100 copies.

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By now, you’ve probably heard that Nipsey Hussle is selling his new Crenshaw mixtape for a whopping $100. Fortunately, that’s one of two options, as the Los Angeles rapper is also streaming the highly anticipated project for free.

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Tomorrow (October 8), Nipsey Hussle will set a new precedent in the mixtape game when he releases Crenshaw for an $100 fee. But hours before that happens, the Los Angeles rapper debuts a new track called “Don’t Forget Us,” featuring Dom Kennedy