Presidential Debate

On Thursday (Oct. 22), the nation tuned in hesitantly and unsure of what to expect of the second and final 2020 Presidential Debate after Donald Trump's embarrassing and abysmal performance and the first debate last month.

During the Thursday (Oct. 22) debate, Biden took a slight dig at Trump's comparing himself and his policies to that of the 16th President of the United States.

The Commission for Presidential Debates, considering the health of all participants, has elected to hold next week's presidential debate virtually. President Donald Trump, the coronavirus comrade himself, is behaving like a pouty toddler and is refusing to participate while still battling with COVID-19 despite his claims of good health.

As evidenced by the Tuesday night (Sept. 29) debate, Trump didn't appear to be concerned with facts, quelling racial conflict concerns, and disrespected Biden in the testy back and forth verbal battle.

Tagg Romney has smoothed things over with President Obama after he quipped about wanting to lay hands on him, during the second debate. The Romney son attended the third debate in Florida, Monday (Oct. 22), along with his family, and took time out to greet the president with an apology.

President Obama will have to pull out all the stops if he plans to win tonight’s third and final  debate.  With the topic of the evening being foreign policy, Mitt Romney finds himself with a lot of ammo to use against the POTUS after their last meeting.  President Obama’s response to the September attacks on a […]

President Obama made his way to The Daily Show with John Stewart for the sixth time since taking office, Thursday (Oct. 18), and explained why he lost the first debate against Mitt Romney. Wearing a pink wristband in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the POTUS admitted to having an “off night” during round one of a […]

Fact checkers are on Mitt Romney’s tail again. The presidential hopeful and President Obama both want the coveted the female vote, and during their second debate earlier in the week, Romney claimed to have taken issue with the lack of women in his cabinet as governor of Massachusetts. Romney asserted that he reached out to women’s groups […]

The presidential election has taken its toll on Mitt Romney’s family. Romney, who went up against President Obama in the second of their three scheduled debates Tuesday (Oct. 16), took a bit of a verbal beating, and his son has come to his rescue. During an interview with a North Carolina radio station, Tagg Romney […]

The fight for the White House is far from over, but Mitt Romney and President Obama will go at one another for the second round of three debates scheduled for Tuesday (Oct. 16). Winning the first debate, and grabbing a lead in national polls, Romney appears to be the front-runner to some, but that doesn’t […]

With many critics saying President Barack Obama failed to win the first of a trio of presidential debates against GOP candidate Mitt Romney last week, the already tightly contested race for the White House has narrowed even further. The President promises to turn things around in the upcoming weeks during an interview yesterday morning (October […]

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been dogged by the media after saying that while he loved Sesame Street character Big Bird, he intends to cut Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) funding in order to help lower the federal deficit. Seizing on the moment, the Obama campaign has crafted a new ad which takes digs at […]