prostitution ring

Details behind the Robert Kraft’s involvement in a prostitution ring are now coming in. Apparently, the billionaire playboy likes things spicy.

Once again Big Apple badges have gotten caught with their hands dirty. A total of seven NYC lawmen were nailed for turning a blind eye in exchange for sexual favors and more.

Federal authorities have released information regarding a recently fired NYPD police officer who moonlighted as the leader of a prostitution ring. Officer Eduardo Cornejo, a veteran with the force, lived out his double life while on the job and used his patrol car to shuttle hookers to service johns.

Amber Rose is one sexy vixen and apparently a band of perverse lowlives took advantage of her attributes by attempting to create a prostitution ring using one of her old Ustream videos as bait.

The Super Bowl may have been a nightmare for fans who actually attended the game but federal agents saved the lives of 16 kids who were being pimped out as party favors for sports biggest event.

Holy matrimony is no match for the strength of hookers. Don’t believe us? Well we have proof, and his name is Mohammed Amed.

A Baltimore firefighter was arrested on charges that he ran a prostitution ring out of an apartment, reports the Baltimore Sun. According to police, Jamar Simmons was living a secret double life, one that gave him an extra annual income of $60,000, but also landed him behind bars. The 29-year-old’s apartment was raided July 9, […]