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The NYPD are on the lookout for a man who robbed a Queens bank Monday (Jun. 29). The suspect shouldn’t be hard to find, considering he performed the crime while sitting in a wheelchair.

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Admit it. Hip-Hop has become a little too buddy-buddy as of late. A lot of smiles, pointless collaborations and the like are constantly being flung our way. It’s a middling concept a chunk of the rap community is operating under, but Anik Khan is crossing the competition out with a “k” without the gangbanging sensibilities […]

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Larry Smith, the legendary sound architect behind early hits from Run-DMC and Kurtis Blow, has passed away.

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Mohammed Islam, the Queens high school student who allegedly made a staggering $72 million in stock deals, was one of the hottest stories of the week when it broke two days ago. But just like that, it’s coming out that the whole affair was nothing but a lie.

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LL Cool J must have heard/read all those comments on the Internets that said he was basically washed and needed to stick with the acting money. Uncle L returns to form on “I’m Nice” with help from Ron Browz, Raekwon and Murda Mook.

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Ja Rule finally get around to dropping the video for “Superstar” off of his Pain Is Love 2 album. 


A married couple in New York has brought a lawsuit against the Taxi and Limousine Commission for $3 million, this after a TLC agent wrongly accused a Black man for dropping off his biracial wife. The TLC agent seized the husband’s car for eight days and gave them both summonses to appear in court despite […]


Family and friends are mourning the loss of Dowayne Henry, shot to death on his front porch in Queens, early Monday (May 26). Another man was hit in the back during the incident but is expected to survive. 


Queens rapper Shirt sparked a bit of a buzz after he boldly flipped the New York Times website template into a fake article styled to give him props. Standing out in the crowded rap marketplace for his clever stunt, Shirt broke down his reasons for the article and more in a recent interview.


A New York’s mother worst fear may have been confirmed as her months-long search to find her missing austistic teenager. The body parts of Avonte Oquendo may have turned up on a Queens shoreline. Police say the clothes found on the arm, torso and legs match the ones Avonte was last seen wearing before his October […]

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Nicki Minaj wants to keep your attention, and rightfully so. What with all the a*s enthusiasm around the ‘Net these days, a girls gotta do something to keep herself in the mix.


A 12-year-old boy was reportedly stabbed or slashed by a 13-year-old neighbor, after he accused the other boy of lifting his Xbox console. Conflicting reports say the scuffle was either over the Xbox console itself, or one of the game system’s controllers.