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NYPD and sanitation crews clear migrants from Manhattan hotel sidewalk

Source: Anadolu / Getty

The migrant crisis overtaking the streets of New York (thanks mostly to the Republican governors of Florida and Texas who are bussing their migrants to the Big Apple to make a political point) has a lot of New Yorkers on edge and things are continuing to get more hectic with each passing day.

Weeks after a gang of migrants jumped some police officers in Midtown Manhattan, a cop used a stun gun to subdue a migrant after being called to a migrant shelter in Queens, and the incident was captured on video. According to NYMag, Venezuelan migrant Yanny Cordero was tased and subdued by police this past Friday (March 7) after police were called to the scene in response to an altercation between Cordero and the staff at the migrant shelter.

After police confronted Cordero at the shelter, things escalated and one officer pulled out his stun gun and hit him while he was holding his 1-year-old son.

NYMag reports:

Additional officers intervene and pull him from the elevators, forcing him down on a nearby desk after removing Cordero’s 1-year-old son from his arms. His wife, Andrea Parra, can be heard screaming and attempts several times to put herself between her husband and the officers, only to be pulled away.

Andry Barreto, a Venezuelan migrant who recorded the video, can be heard yelling in Spanish, “This is abuse, brother!” and “Don’t hit him! Don’t hit him!” as officers hold Cordero down and strike him multiple times, after which he tumbles to the ground.

Cordero, who has been staying at the shelter since December, tells the Timesthat the incident began when he returned to the building Friday evening after buying food for his family. He claims employees at the shelter stopped him from taking food up to his room and that, as he struggled to use a translator on his phone, one of the employees suddenly hit him in the face. They later called the authorities.

Both Cordero and his wife were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Their 1-year-old son was taken in by the Administration for Children’s Services but returned to the couple when they were released the following Monday (March 11).

Naturally struggle Mayor Eric “Party Time” Adams defended the officer’s actions saying “This person was under the influence of alcohol, holding a child. Those officers had to get that child from him so that child was not going to be in danger.” Cordero for his part denies being drunk.

Don’t be surprised if more of these kinds of incidents continue to happen because after those migrants beat down those cops in Times Square a few weeks ago, y’all know the NYPD isn’t going to take anything lying down going forward.