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E! News correspondent Giuliana Rancic was recently caught on camera making racist remarks about 18-year-old Zendaya, who dared to wear her hair in dreadlocks.

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Even though Rap music is locally respected and globally accepted, from time to time it still gets hated on. Let the recent Brooklyn community board member’s comments about the Notorious B.I.G. being too fat to have a street named after him serve as a your latest reminder.

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New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg probably wishes he could take this comment back. In a recent interview, Bloomberg stated that mayoral candidate and NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s campaign is “racist.”

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In news that will interest mostly the staunchest of Kanye West disciples, Sharon Osbourne is not a fan of the Chicago rapper. The wife of Ozzy Osbourne hurled some slander Yeezy’s way during a recent interview. She also really doesn’t like Justin Bieber, which may have caused her to reveal some racist tendencies.

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Paula Deen is clearly unaware how this whole Twitter things functions. Today (July 11), the TV chef who lost a gang of endorsement deals thanks to her racists rhetoric caught the wrath of the Internets thanks to an ill timed tweet.

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Paula Deen is in hot water with the Black Twitter coalition. News broke today that the butter feasting chef allegedly admitted to using the N-word in court. It got us to thinking, how many Black friends does Mrs. Deen actually have?

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Sergio Garcia clearly doesn’t consider Tiger Woods a “Cablinasian.” The two golfers have had a long simmering, passive aggressive feud. When asked to comment on their relationship yesterday (May 21) in England, Garcia offered up a fried chicken joke. Yes, this is 2013.


Tyler, the Creator isn’t new to controversy. But it seems like the blowback over his Mountain Dew ad, which was pulled after protests that it was racist, even took him by surprise. 


On February 8, Joe Rickey Hundley was accused of slapping a 2-year-old on a flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta. That’s bad enough, but the 60-year-old man also supposedly said “shut that ni–r baby up” before hitting the lad on the cheek, causing him to cry louder. Now Hundley is out of a job.

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One of two potential Super Bowl commercials advertising the new Volkswagen Beetle has been looked at as racist. The spot, which has been released early to gauge consumer response, features a White worker  (“Dave” from Minnesota) mimicking a Jamaican accent.


National Lampoon and Saturday Night Live legend Chevy Chase is under fire after breaking the unwritten code of ethics in Black/White relations.  In a reported protest over lines intended for his bigoted character Pierce Hawthorne of NBC’s Community, Chase used the “n-word” towards the show’s writers, claiming he feared that his character would be asked to  use […]


Azealia Banks has a bone to pick with Dolce & Gabbanna. The Harlem rapper is known to take issue with tons of people but her disdain towards the fashion line might actually hold some weight. According to Banks, D&G’s Spring 2013 line with depictions of what looks like the Black mammie archetype, both on the […]