Yesterday in New York City, Snoop Dogg held a press conference in Miss Lily’s restaurant and announced his transformation into Snoop Lion. Honestly, it did sound like one elaborate practical joke but after seeing this trailer and hearing Snoop tell it himself, it’s quite real and endearing.  “I wanted to make music that feels good. I […]

Okay, try to follow along here without getting too lost. Notorious and legendary ganja head, Snoop Dogg, recently took a trip to Jamaica and went through a transformation of sorts and has become Snoop Lion, reggae artist extraordinaire. If you were wondering why Snoop has been wearing a bunch of Jamaican garb lately, well, here’s you […]

48 inmates in Virginia jails are being punished after authorities say they won’t comply with the state’s rules that requires hair to be kept above a shirt collar and prohibits beards. The Associated Press previously reported in May that 10 Rastafarian inmates had been in segregation for more than 10 years for refusing to comply […]