The New York Police Department admitted last year that spying on Muslims was a massive waste of resources, money and time. A recent report reveals that the NYPD placed mosques under heavy surveillance by labeling the Islamic houses of worship as terrorists organizations.

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Trayvon Martin‘s shooting death last year in Florida sparked a number of nationwide debates surrounding racial profiling. Over the weekend, the NYPD’s controversial “stop-and-frisk” tactic was challenged by Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, who stated the practice unfairly targets people of color.

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A ranking NYPD officer in Brooklyn has cost the city over $1.5 million in settled lawsuits. Lieutenant Daniel Sbarra, who heads the Brooklyn North Narcotics squad, has been accused of excessive force, offensive language and other offenses. Nevertheless, he was still awarded with stripes and a pay raise by Commissioner Ray Kelly in 2011.

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New York City’s “stop-and-frisk” policy has drawn ire over alleged racial profiling, but Police Commissioner Ray Kelly doesn’t believe in the theory. In his view, the policy isn’t an act of racism because most of the people who commit crimes in the city are Black anyway.

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Rick Ross’ lyrics don’t just get him into trouble, 63 gang members in Harlem can thank The Bawse for being  busted by the NYPD. Authorities were led to the gangsters by way of social media posts that included lyrics from Ross and his MMG protegé, Meek Mill.


With gun violence still running rampant, music executive Michael “Blue” Williams has come up with an idea to get firearms off the streets of New York City. The head of Family Tree Entertainment has pitched  a proposal aimed at offering mentoring and a little celebrity man power, in exchange for people turning in weapons.


Lamin Sillah was met with a tragic end to a life of promise. The Gambia native was an accounting student, who worked the night shift at a Bronx gas station, to make money to send back to his family in Africa. He was shot at point blank range during a robbery, Tuesday (Sept, 4) night. […]


Commissioner Ray Kelly confirmed Saturday (Aug. 25) what Mayor Michael Bloomberg inferred one day earlier: NYPD officers were responsible for wounding nine at the Empire State Building. Kelly made the announcement in a press conference over the weekend, explaining that two officers unloaded a troth of bullets in an attempt to shoot assailant Jeffery Johnson […]


The NYPD has found itself back in the line of fire, under new claims of use of excessive force. The family of Darruis Kennedy is seeking out answers as to why he was shot a dozen times when he pulled out a knife in Times Square, Saturday (Aug. 11). Kennedy, 51,was shot and killed after […]

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In a 2011 Associated Press report, 50,000 low-level weed arrests took place in New York per year, more than any other reported crime in the city’s justice system. One out of seven cases in criminal court involved pot, with Black and Hispanic men making up the bulk of the arrested. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo […]

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In what many are saying is an overzealous attack on the civil liberties of students in New York City, NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly has openly defended spying on Muslim students, calling it a necessary step in the fight against terrorism. Naturally, Muslim students and other such groups have vehemently decried the practice, and some are […]