Ray Rice

Former NFL star Ray Rice finally got another job in football, at his high school alma mater.

The cost of doing business is pretty high over at TMZ. The company reportedly paid more than $100,000 for hotel surveillance videos of Ray Rice knocking out his then fiancée, and now wife, Janay Palmer Rice.

There are those who will never forgive Ray Rice for knocking his then fiancee, and now wife, out cold in an Atlantic City elevator. Rice is aware of this and insists he is rehabilitated.

Ray Rice says he’s been through a lot of emotional turmoil, brought on by the infamous elevator incident where he knocked out his wife. Rice says the backlash was so bad that he contemplated suicide.

Close to a year after Ray Rice was recording knocking Janay Rice unconscious, the couple appear to be going strong. Things are going so well that Janay called Ray “the best husband ever,” for throwing her a birthday party.

Ray Rice and the February 2014 domestic violence incident that stalled his career sparked an independent investigation into the matter and how the NFL handled the case. Former FBI director Robert S. Mueller released his findings today, which revealed that the league did not see the Rice video before it was released publicly.

As Ray Rice patiently waits for his chance to shine on Sundays again, the media is shining new light on his infamous elevator fight that left his wife, Janay knocked out cold for several minutes.

Janay Rice is finally talking about the now infamous altercation with her then fiance, Ray Rice, that left her knocked out cold in an Atlantic City elevator. According to Janay, during her interview with the Today show, it was all “God’s plan.”

Count on Ray Rice being back in an NFL uniform sooner than later. The former Baltimore Ravens running back’s indefinite suspension has been overturned on appeal. 

Janay Rice, the wife of ex-Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice, has been silent on matters surrounding the violent encounter between and her husband back in February. In preparation for an interview with Today Show‘s Matt Lauer, Mrs. Rice showed off her curves in a form-fitting dress in a photo shoot.

As Ray Rice patiently waits the outcome of his NFL reinstatement appeal, he and his wife Janay haven’t been naive to the Ray Rice Halloween costumes that have been on full asshattery display nationwide.

This post is being continuously updated with asshattery. It’s something about Halloween that brings out the dregs of society. This year, besides the usual racism struggle, Ray Rice costumes are already surfacing.