Reggie Osse

The 2017 passing of Reggie “Combat Jack” Ossé left a massive hole in the realm of Hip-Hop podcasts, and the game lost one of its brightest stars and valued insiders as a result. In an upcoming tribute episode of the Mogul podcast, the series will honor Combat Jack for his contributions to the culture.

Reggie Ossé, better known to the world as Combat Jack, helped to bring the podcast era into the light by way of his popular The Combat Jack Show series. Today marks one year since the passing of Combat Jack from cancer complications, and the Internets, chiefly Twitter, are gathered in remembrance of the media personality.

Reggie Osse aka Hip-Hop podcast virtuoso Combat Jack has passed away. He was just 48. 

Chris Lighty, one of the most notable music executives on the Hip-Hop side of things, has a story that is certainly worth telling. Nearly five years since his death by a reported suicide, the head of the Violator record label and music management company will be the focus of a new podcast titled Mogul: The […]

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Combat Jack, one of the most popular personalities today, has been a fixture of Hip-Hop culture in a variety of capacities. With his long-running podcast and radio program, The Combat Jack Show, and other ventures, the entertainment attorney and author had plenty to share at a recent TED Talk event in Brooklyn.

Big Boi closed out a 24-hour press run in New York City for Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors with the entertaining The Combat Jack Show collective. As usual Reggie “Combat Jack” Osse and crew commandeered a quality interview, discussing topics ranging from Big Boi’s experiences in Hollywood, his favorite Outkast tracks, how marriage changed his life, and more.