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Remy Ma will be released from prison in July, according to her husband Papoose. The Brooklyn rapper made the announcement during a recent show.

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It’s hard out here for the significant other of a pimp a.k.a. a successful rapper. After winning the coveted prize of being thee chosen one out of an endless sea of video vixens and model schemers, they have to endure with cheating allegations, extended alone time and most likely, a hedonistic lifestyle.


While over the last year Papoose has become a punching bag of sorts for struggle rapper internet slander, the Brooklyn native has always shown to be a stand up individual. This was proved again when he posted a photo of him visiting his wife behind bars Remy Ma on Thanksgiving day.

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Who doesn’t appreciate Thanksgiving? This is the time where family and friends come together to show gratitude for their blessings over epic food; what’s not to like? Whether they indulge in the turkey and pumpkin pie or not, some rappers have chosen be less than gracious with the grand opportunities afforded to them.

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Last night’s 20th annual Hot 97 Summer Jam took a strange turn of events moments after headliner Kendrick Lamar concluded his set. A rapper and his hypeman started performing unannounced, and it turned out to be Papoose, the self proclaimed “King Of New York.”

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Last week Papoose announced that his long delayed debut album Nacirema Dream would finally see the light of day in coming weeks. If that wasn’t surprising enough, the Brooklyn MC follows said news with the project’s first official single “Whats My Name.” 


After nearly a decade of delays, Papoose announces a formal release date for his debut project The Nacirema Dream. This announcement came in form of a manifesto written by the Brooklyn rapper that attests to his years of ups and downs in both the music industry and his personal life. He explains that The Nacirema Dream is […]


Rumors of Remy Ma’s death were clearly highly exaggerated. The former Terror Squad rapper called into Funkmaster Flex last night (July 16th) to confirm that she was still alive despite Internet chatter that she had been stabbed to death in prison. “I don’t know. People are crazy. I was like trending worldwide, maybe we can […]

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Try as she might to keep the focus on her music, Lil Kim just keeps getting dragged into rap beef. Sure the Queen Bee is known to clap back at just about any other female rapper who steps to her, but now that she’s older she’s trying to keep it professional. After putting her issues […]