According to the report the "Devil Is A Lie" rapper headed down to the South American country and went through a 6-hour procedure to ensure that his smile could bring a dead bird back to life.

While he makes it look good Rick Ross might not be rolling as right as we all thought. The Miami native was recently caught draped in bandooloo designer.

Tory Lanez is still covered in struggle juice but is trying his best to take it off. He has answered The Boss but his response is falling on deaf ears.

If you watched the latest Verzuz battle featuring 2 Chainz and Rick Ross chances are incredibly high, it had you wishing you were at your favorite day party, acting up.

 While many thought the super producers were going to announce Ashanti and Keyshia Cole as the next contestants, the two beat creating icons instead announced that the series was heading back down south with a head to head showdown between 2 Chainz and Rick Ross.

August Alsina is the messiest man on the Internets, hands down. The R&B crooner dropped a song called "Entanglements," an obvious wink to his relationship with Jada Pinkett-Smith, and it even features bars from Rick Ross.

Rick Ross is going to have to pay up. Court documents have confirmed that Rozay is indeed the father of former partner Briana Camille's two smaller children.

The mother of Rick Ross‘ younger children is taking the rapper to court and has sued the Bawse in order to legally name him as their children’s father and to establish court-ordered support for them.

Even with a global health crisis in place 50 Cent is keeping the same energy. But even he can’t get a pass with COVID-19 in place.

Rick Ross had to pay back a whopping $1.5 million in back taxes to the IRS, who filed a release after the rapper paid back his debt on February 24.


Dwayne Wade isn’t even a year removed from retirement and already he’s taking on a new career by venturing into the world of rap with the help of fellow Miamian, Rick Ross.


Before rappers and singers turned social media into their own personal Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, MTV Cribs was the closest thing we had to seeing how our favorite mic ripping and Henny sippin’ celebrities were living their lives off camera.