Bugzie The Don was at the insurrection inside the hallowed federal building, and now faces charges after using one of the images for the cover of his album.


Bad boys move in silence and MAGA supporters seemingly can’t keep their mouth shut. One man bragged about rioting at The Capitol on a dating app and a woman put the police on him.


Months after a riot exploded in Minneapolis, police finally identified the man who incited violence during a peaceful protest demanding justice for the death of George Floyd. The man is suspected to be a white supremacist in multiple groups. The investigation is ongoing.


A massive riot broke out in a maximum security prison in South Carolina that has left seven inmates, and 17 others in need of medical attention. The incident took place Sunday night and stretched into early Monday morning.


Senseless rioting looting means a plethora of people of ill repute will be looking for a come up. Unfortunately, the victim of this reality was local Baltimore sneaker store Sportsmart, which saw its inventory savagely depleted.

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At the start of the skirmishes between Baltimore police and citizens protesting over the police custody death of Freddie Gray, the police department issued claims that the Blood and Crip gangs were united to “take out” cops. Members of the city’s street gangs denied any such plans to harm officers, stating on record that those […]

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Under normal circumstances, a woman blessing her son with the fade on national TV would be frowned upon. However, when said son is a potential rioter in Baltimore (where a state of emergency has been declared), what we get is high praise for the beat down and one less troublemaker on the street. 

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Last night, hundreds of Americans felt that justice wasn’t served in Ferguson. And they resorted to destruction and chaos after doing the right thing was littered in wrongdoing.

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A third candlelight vigil held last night (March 13) for slain Brooklyn teenager Kimani Gray began peacefully, but an angry group of protesters taunting police sparked a number of arrests. Tensions flared just blocks from where NYPD detectives gunned down the 16-year-old Gray, with demonstrators boldly confronting the cops who then pepper sprayed and arrested members […]

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New details surrounding the killing of 16-year-old Kimani ‘Kiki’ Gray have emerged, just two days after a candlelight vigil for the slain youth in Brooklyn erupted into a riot. The New York Times reports that Gray was hit with seven bullets in a hail of gunfire, according to the findings of an autopsy investigation. 

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The words Tyler, the Creator and “free concert” can lead to trouble. The Odd Future frontman’s show at the Fox Theater in Boulder, Co. almost lead to riot before he even hit the stage.

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There was a riot going on in Brooklyn last night (Monday, March 11). Following a candlelight vigil for Kimani ‘Kiki’ Gray, a 16-year-old teen shot and killed by NYPD cops, mourners clashed with authorities, reportedly hurling rocks, and trashcans, at police and destroying cars and store fronts.