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Run DMC rose to fame due to the dynamic verses of Run and D.M.C., but the crew’s equally vital member was their late DJ, Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizell. On what would have been the turntable technician’s 49th birthday, it’s only right to give props to DJs that have shined in similar settings as well.

“2009 Obituary” Looking into an endless future and possibilities that are beyond the sky’s reach, it is necessary to take a glance back at what was and what has been lost in the journey. For Papoose, the glimpse back has provided a chance to see all of those that have fallen in 2009 can pay […]


“I’m not alright, but I’m aight.” News is still setting in for some as it is taking time for people to absorb and acknowledge the fact that Anthony Williams, musically known as DJ Roc Raida, is no longer here. Friday, September 19 was the last day that fans and friends would be able to have […]