As news of Limbaugh's passing went wide, many of the media blowhard's opponents and targets haven't offered much in the way of kind words.

Still we can't blame The Breakfast Club for the interview even having taken place as Charlamagne revealed that both parties work fro iHeart Radio and it was the powers that be that suggested the crossover event that upset many in the culture.


At a time when the country as a whole is trying to figure out what's next, Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club decided to try to mend bridges by inviting fellow on-air personality and known racist Rush Limbaugh on their show to discuss the age-old topic of race--causing many fans to question the agenda of the show. On Monday (June 1), The Breakfast Club and Rush Limbaugh decided to virtually combine their respected shows in an effort to have an open and professional dialogue about the current state of race relations in America. 


Among the many baffling moments of President Donald Trump’s State Of The Union address, conservative blowhard Rush Limbaugh being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom is among the highest.

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In a bizarre defense of President Donald Trump, conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh said during a live broadcast that there are forces trying to upend the current administration’s progress. But what turned the most heads is when Limbaugh suggested that former president Barack Obama had an easier time in office because he was Black.

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Rush Limbaugh makes his bread and butter by attacking anything he deems beneath his brash, Right-leaning agenda and making outlandish comments to boot. The popular talk show host and pundit continued his losing winning streak by saying that the OU SAE racist chant song would be a hit song if Kanye West produced a track […]

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Even though Rap music is locally respected and globally accepted, from time to time it still gets hated on. Let the recent Brooklyn community board member’s comments about the Notorious B.I.G. being too fat to have a street named after him serve as a your latest reminder.

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Former cooking show maven Paula Deen got cooked, no pun intended, by Twitter after admitting her fondness for the N-Word in a court deposition. Although the one-time Food Network star went on a “I’m Not A Racist” apology tour, it all rang hollow in the end. Deen isn’t the first celebrity to show racist tendencies, however. 

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Conservative talk show host (and apparent women’s issues expert) Rush Limbaugh once again used his highly-visible platform to speak out of turn. This time the controversial blowhard aimed his attention on Beyoncé’s latest single “Bow Down/I Been On,” saying the song diminishes her ability to empower women and claims she’s submitting to husband Jay-Z.

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President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sat down for a joint 60 Minutes interview Sunday (Jan. 2 7) and expressed their adoration for one another. As her tenure winds down, the 65-year-old and the commander in chief –once opponents in the 2008 election—have grown into close friends. 

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Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton’s testimony on Capitol Hill yesterday, has drawn criticism among conservatives.  The 65-year-old got into a heated exchange with Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) over the Sept. 11 attack in Benghazi, Libya, resulting in a critique from Rush Limbaugh.


As the saga continues behind Shawty Lo’s currently nixed struggle show All My Babies’ Mamas, the Atlanta native is finding support in Rush Limbaugh. The conservative pundit has come to Lo’s defense, while attacking the Oxygen Network for pulling the plug on the show, All Hip Hop reports.