The Wu-Tang Clan has been known the bring the drama, but this is hitting a little too close to home. Early Saturday morning (Nov. 7), two men were stabbed at a home that reportedly belongs to the RZA in New Jersey. 

The RZA aka Bobby Digital aka The Abbot plays the piano in a new Apple Watch commercial called “Play.” 

Azealia Banks will make her silver screen debut in the musical drama, It Doesn’t Have to Rhyme, directed by RZA. The Lionsgate/Codeblack production is based on an aspiring rapper who finds her passion for slam poetry.

A lot of famous rappers have tried wearing their hair in braids, and usually when they get a little older they realize it’s time to give it up. Just recently, Pusha T took to Instagram and fooled a lot of people by claiming he cut his hair. Many thought he got rid of his power, but […]

RZA and Raekwon are back on good terms, and more importantly, the latter is expected to contribute verses on Wu-Tang Clan’s upcoming A Better Tomorrow LP. This news follows months of back and forth banter between the longtime collaborators about the root of their discourse.

Mother’s Day differentiates itself from other secular holidays aimed at consumer spending. Mainly for the simple fact it allows mankind to cherish one of the few things we all have in common; our mothers.

It’s a mild 70 degree day in Los Angeles and RZA is wearing a wool Burberry blazer and has consumed several cups of herbal tea, doused with honey to boost the flavor. Despite his apparent wintertime survival ritual, not a bead of sweat is visible on his brow and he appears to be extremely comfortable […]

As much as the Hip-Hop community is pulling for Shaolin’s finest, the Wu-Tang Clan seems to be in a deep disarray. Raekwon claims he is on strike and most recently not so affiliate member Christ Bearer allegedly attempted suicide. The RZA visited the HOT 97 morning show to give the world a much needed update.

RZA, who’s found his footing in Hollywod both behind the scenes and in front of the camera, appears in a new segment by Funny or Die. Parks and Recreation is the basis of the brief clip, which shows the Wu-Tang Clan legend auditioning for a part in the NBC series.

In a perfect world, Wu-Tang Clan would hit the studio to make a new album in peace and harmony. But rogue member Raekwon candidly spoke with Rolling Stone about why his underlying issues with RZA and management are the reason he’s yet to lay a single verse down on the group’s upcoming A Better Tomorrow LP.

The wide disconnect within the Wu-Tang Clan seems to become more apparent each week. Recently, the RZA stated he is unclear why Raekwon has yet to participate on their new album.

While Wu-Tang Clan members and fans bicker and babble over the whereabouts and rollout of A Better Tommorrow, the RZA is claiming that their not-so-secret-anymore album is the one that will be the goldmine.