Controversial sportscaster, Sage Steele, is officially a free agent after settling her lawsuit with ESPN after being suspended by the network for her public comments previously made on an outside podcast about getting vaccinated, how women dress, and former President Barack Obama’s lineage.


Sage Steele has filed a lawsuit against her ESPN employers and their parent company, alleging they violated her First Amendment rights and breached her contract in the wake of her being off the air in September 2021 after making comments about the network's vaccine mandate and questioning former President Barack Obama's Blackness.


Sage Steele leaned into quite an antiquated assumption that women invite sexual assault and unwanted attention by the way they dress, even stating the women are doing so on purpose.


When ESPN commentator Sage Steele isn’t joining fellow coontrarian Jason Whitlock in being the best sunken place correspondents the sports journalism world has ever seen, she’s joining the ever-growing list of anti-vaxx Black celebrities who insist that spreading loud and wrong medical misinformation during an ongoing pandemic is the best use of their platforms. (Also, […]


On Monday (Dec 15), the network took to Twitter to alert fans of the change, making note that Sage Steele will no longer be anchoring the daily 6 p.m. edition of SportsCenter, before noting that the coveted spot would be filled by none other than Elle Duncan.


Sage Steele is back to her lightskint ways, this after the sports news anchor took time to blast her ESPN, the network that employs her, over its coverage of Charlottesville and other race-related matters. After Steele told ESPN that it should focus on sports only, Twitter unleashed hellish fury on this Becky in disguise.


ESPN has reportedly laid off 100 people today, including some long-time on-air personalities. Twitter is actively watching Sage Steele’s timeline now.


ESPN has decided to replace Sage Steele with Michelle Beadle as the host of all NBA games for rest of the season, including the NBA Finals.


ESPN anchor Sage Steele is on the cusp of Twitter roasting again after her comments about Blacks needing to “look in the mirror.”


Sage Steele is either an agent or the most tone deaf Black, ahem, biracial woman of all time. The sports reporter took to Instagram to beef about protesters making her miss a flight at LAX, and she is getting properly dragged for her headassness (new word?).