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Sage Steele is back to her lightskint ways, this after the sports news anchor took time to blast her ESPN, the network that employs her, over its coverage of Charlottesville and other race-related matters. After Steele told ESPN that it should focus on sports only, Twitter unleashed hellish fury on this Becky in disguise.

As reported by the New York Post, Steele took aim at the network’s recent coverage of issues outside its usual bent. Steele admitted in her chat with the Post that topics such as Colin Kaepernick are unavoidable but feels that the emphasis should remain on sports and not politics.

From the Post:

“I truly believe, for me, there is a time and place. For the most part, I think we leave that to the news networks,” Steele told The Post during a sit-down conversation in downtown Manhattan. “When there is an obvious crossover, like Colin Kaepernick, that is a different situation, and we will have in-depth discussions beforehand to talk about the proper way to handle it.

“But I think it’s a very fine line, like I do believe that people come to us for their sports. Not everybody agrees with me on that, not everybody I work with agrees with me. That’s my personal opinion, that that’s where we go to escape.”

On Thursday, Steele joined the set of The Dan Patrick Show and expressed more of the same views. She went on to say that ESPN’s focus on Kaepernick’s activities and the network’s decision to pull an announcer with the name Robert Lee is taking away from the quality of reporting.

Naturally, Twitter came to gather Steele back from the sunken place. We’ve collected the best of the slander below and on the following pages.

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