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ESPN has decided to replace Sage Steele with Michelle Beadle as the host of all NBA games for rest of the season, including the NBA Finals.

It’s never fun to see someone lose their job. But in the case of Sage Steele, who many have accused of “acting White,” being replaced by an actual White woman, people can’t help but spot the irony.

The decision to have Beadle takeover comes right as the regular season is winding down and going into the playoffs, which when the NBA really gets exciting and ratings begin to soar. Which by industry standards, is a rare move.

Before details of the decision even got out, Steele’s harshest critics showed their fangs and dug in.

On the opposite end of the cookout invite spectrum, Black Twitter is rejoicing of Michelle Obama’s hair choice: Michelle Obama Wears Her Natural Hair, Black Twitter Approves


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