Seminole County

Ever since his acquittal in the Trayvon Martin case, former volunteer night watchman George Zimmerman has been involved in a slew of run-ins with the law in Florida. His latest arrest Monday (Nov. 18) after scuffling with his girlfriend, and allegedly waving a firearm, also landed him an assault and battery charge.

A Florida judge denied George Zimmerman’s request to remove his 24-hour GPS tracking device Tuesday (Dec. 11). Judge Debra Nelson, also ruled that the accused killer, who shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin back in February, must continue to live inside Seminole County where he currently resides. Nelson denied Zimmerman—who was in court at the time— without offering […]

George Zimmerman is taking legal action against NBC over an edited 911 call that he made the night that he shot Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman filed a lawsuit today against NCB Universal Media LLC and three individuals employed by the company during the time “relevant to the complaint.”

With the Trayvon Martin case still looming over Florida’s reputation, authorities in the state should be more careful about their actions, but some are unmoved by the heightened racial tension in the area. A group of officers in Casselberry, located in Seminole County—the same area where George Zimmerman was taken into custody— were captured shooting […]

George Zimmerman is taking his safety very seriously. The accused killer of Trayvon Martin was released on bail Friday (July 6) and has been transported to a Florida safe house, which is being protected by security guards. After Judge Kenneth Lester set his bond at $1 million, Zimmerman’s lawyer, Mike O’Mara, went online to ask […]

George Zimmerman has only been back in jail for 24-hours but his supporters have continued to rally behind him. The 28-year-old’s newest donation website, started by his lawyer Mike O’Mara, has seen a spike in financial support, according to ABC News. Zimmerman was receiving roughly $1,000 a day from the site, but his lawyer told […]

A new judge has been assigned to George Zimmerman’s murder trial, stemming from the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.  Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. will take over for Judge Jessica Recksiedler who stepped down from the second-degree murder case, due to conflict of interest. The accused killer’s attorney, Mike O’Mara, requested that Recksiedler be taken […]

George Zimmerman’s attorney has requested that the judge in his case be removed. Mike O’Mara, the latest legal counsel hired by the accused killer, formally asked Monday (April 16) that Judge Jessica Recksiedler be taken off the case in which Zimmerman will be tried for the murder of Trayvon Martin.