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With the Trayvon Martin case still looming over Florida’s reputation, authorities in the state should be more careful about their actions, but some are unmoved by the heightened racial tension in the area. A group of officers in Casselberry, located in Seminole County—the same area where George Zimmerman was taken into custody— were captured shooting a Black man with a stun gun for refusing to show his ID.

The incident occurred earlier in the month, but footage of the run-in just found its way to the ‘Net late last week.

In the video, 25-year-old Zikomo Peurifoy was stopped for jaywalking, at which point an officer asked to see his identification. “Quote a statute that requires me to provide ID,” Peurifoy requested. The officer responded by noting that Peurifoy “affected the flow of traffic” and there committed an infraction. When he continued to question the officer, another cop came to the scene and attempted to help calm the verbal exchange. Both officers accused the man of resisting arrest and warned him that he would be tased, before following through with their threats.

Peurifoy, and a female friend who taped the altercation both became irate, at which point he was zapped yet again, and placed in handcuffs.

Further investigation into the matter found that Peurifoy had a loaded handgun on his person, which he had a permit to carry. Meanwhile, his friend, identified as 27-year-old Noelle Price was in possession of an unloaded firearm, brass knuckles and a small knife.

Sara Brady, a spokeswoman for the Casselberry police stated that the officers “followed the law,” in handling the situation, while Capt. David Del Rosso showered them with more praise. “They handled themselves, they were very polite,” he said. “It’s a shame that the defendants here didn’t cooperate.”

Officials are expected to use video of Peurifoy’s arrest to train police on how to deal with similar incidents. Puerifoy has been charged with resisting with violence and battery on a law enforcement, since the cops sustained minor injuries. He and Price were also ticketed for jaywalking.

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