The rabbit hole is still rabbit hole-ing for Sesame Street-based theme park Sesame Place as it has once again been accused of racial discrimination against Black children. But this time a Sesame Splacelocation in Baltimore is in the hot seat—and this time a lawsuit has been filed.

The best method to tackle racism is in the home, and that's what "Sesame Street" is hoping to do with its newest initiative "Explaining Race." The digital clip introduces two new Black muppets as they navigate the conversation in an age-appropriate way.


Last week fans of the classic PBS show Sesame Street were heartbroken to learn that Sesame Street puppeteer Caroll Spinney had passed away at the age of 85, and though he may not be with us people like Jimmy Fallon and Black Thought will make sure his legacy lives on.

Sesame Street has addressed a number of complex issues children face with the utmost care and unflinching honesty at times. Via a character just introduced earlier this year, the popular children’s show tackles the looming specter of opioid addiction.

A former writer for the long-running children’s program Sesame Street caused quite a stir online after stating that characters Bert and Ernie were a loving, gay couple. The program’s parent company has since fired back saying that they’re just best friends and were created to teach kids how to be pals with someone different from […]

UPDATE (3:20 pm): Sesame Street basically said, Not so fast. See their statement on the flip. Turns out one of that old conspiracy theory was true. Bert and Ernie, the homies from Sesame Street, are a gay couple. 

Chance The Rapper may have just won father of the year after visiting the set of beloved children’s show, Sesame Street. The charismatic Chicago rapper was a guest on the program and was flanked by some of the show’s faves in giving a loving shout out to his toddler daughter.

A few longtime adult cast members of children’s educational television show Sesame Street have been let go. Among them are Roscoe Orman, known as Gordon on Sesame Street, but also known as Willie Dynamite to Blaxploitation movie fans. 

Emmy-winning actor David Smyrl, best known for his role on Sesame Street, has died at 80 years old. The Philadelphia native was diagnosed with lung cancer in January of this year.

After 45 years, Maria is leaving Sesame Street. Emmy Award winning actress Sonia Manzano announced that she would be walking away from the role at the American Library Association’s Annual Conference.

Big Bird of Sesame Street fame kicking Big Pun’s hit “Still Not A Player”? Yes, please. 

Macklemore recently milked some more shine out of his 2012 hit, “Thrift Shop” during a Sesame Street appearance. Decades ago, it probably would’ve been impossible to picture a rapper on a kids’ show. But the (rumored) domestic partnership between Bert and Ernie should be a sign that Sesame Street is surprisingly progressive when it comes […]