PBS isn’t pleased with the way producers for their show, Finding Your Roots handled the Ben Affleck situation. The A-list actor admitted he was “embarrassed” to learn a distant relative was a slave master and did everything in his power to make sure that particular segment of the episode didn’t crack daylight.

Artie Lange is no longer welcomed at ESPN after he tweeted a slew of jokes that detailed a sexual fantasy with ESPN host, Cari Champion.

BET is set to air a new miniseries next year with the controversial title of The Book Of Negroes, which will depict the journey of slaves in America. The project was almost dismissed but thanks to the popularity of films like 12 Years Slave, the project was given a green light.

The celebration of President’s Day brings to mind much more than the birthday of George Washington. When we think of history lessons involving Washington,  wooden teeth, wigs, and the Revolutionary War, come to mind; more interesting however was his relationship with slavery. 

This makes it official; slavery is trendy in cinema in 2013. History channel has purchased the rights to Roots and will be remaking the groundbreaking 1977 ABC miniseries. 

Lauryn Hill has a new explanation for why she didn’t pay taxes: slavery. A quote taken from inside the courtroom revealed the New Jersey native’s statement to the judge and from the sounds of it, Hill’s ancestors may be to blame.

The Internets was on fire yesterday (April 8) after country music star Brad Paisley dropped his new song “Accidental Racist,” featuring veteran rapper-actor LL Cool J. Paisley shared in an upcoming print interview why he decided to release the controversial track, although it appears the West Virginia native is not necessarily an expert on race […]

You can always count on Donald Trump to give his opinion on pretty much anything. This time, Trump has slammed Django Unchained, as “the most racist” movie he’s ever seen.

It only took them about 150 years, but the state of Mississippi, has ratified the 13th amendment banning slavery. As it turns out, the film Lincoln contributed to the move.

Larry Ward, chairman and founder of “Gun Appreciation Day,” thinks that he has an answer to why slavery occurred in this country. The pro-gun advocate appeared on CNN this morning, to speak on the issue of gun control plus promote Gun Appreciation Day, and outlined his belief that slavery would not have happened if Black people had […]

As expected, Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained was named among the films nominated for Oscars earlier today. The film grabbed  five nominations including the coveted Best Picture nod.

Controversy and slavery make for box office gold. Less than a month after its release, Django Unchained has reached the $100 million mark. The milestone keeps Django on pace to become director Quentin Tarantino’s most successful film, surpassing 2009’s Inglorious Bastards.