The state of Maryland commissioned a plaque commemorating the infamous Dread Scott decision. Nearly 150 years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a seemingly knockout blow against those that wanted freedom for all peoples within the our nation, crushing the hopes of Dred Scott and all enslaved Black people that wished to be free. Now […]

The Charles H. Wright Museum received an early Christmas present from the federal government with a $603,802 price tag attached to it, allowing the museum to run it’s new exhibit. Groundbreaking in design, the museum is partnering with Eastern Michigan University to create and interactive, “cooperative” Underground Railroad experience that is sure to wow visitors. […]

This has been a busy week for the NAACP. After battling a teacher over what someone deemed racist homework, the inglorious organization is now fighting the good fight against an elementary school teacher over one of his lessons. Ian Campbell, a historian, has found himself in the middle of a firestorm of sorts after having […]

Fans of the St. Louis Rams would do well to batten down their hatches as a gust of change is headed their way, and if public opinion still counts for anything, it is more than likely going to be one that most will not like. Admitted racist, bigot, drug-addict, right-wing fringe dweller, and all around […]