'Snowfall' actor Damson Idris shared his Jay-Z impression once again while appearing as a guest on 'The Drew Barrymore Show.' He also spoke about his relationship with the rap mogul and his wife, Beyoncé in addition to talking about his audition for the late John Singleton where he was tasked with surviving South Central Los Angeles on his own.

Lori Harvey and Damson Idris hit the red carpet in Los Angeles while attending the premiere of 'Snowfall's' finale season.


'Snowfall' debuted on FX in 2017 with a successful run up until its fifth season. On Feb. 22, FX will air the sixth and final season.

The popular crime drama franchises are distinctly different shows but it's fair to see how folks would compare the two.

Earlier in the week, Hip-Hop Wired had the pleasure of joining a video call with members of the cast and writing team and the importance of telling authentic Black stories.

In an exclusive with HipHopWired, Damson Idris, Angela Lewis, and Amin Joseph talk late legend John Singleton, the impact of the crack epidemic, and season 3 of 'Snowfall.'

Add Freeway Rick Ross to the list of people questioning John Singleton’s directorial vision. The former drug kingpin is calling out the director for leaving him out of Snowfall.