The theories about who killed Chinx are running rampant. One angle NYPD is looking into is whether or not the Coke Boys rapper’s murder was related to that of Stack Bundles. 

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It truly hard to say goodbye to yesterday. Since Hip-Hop was birthed in the South Bronx, way countless individuals who repped the culture have passed away. Included in that bunch are rappers who left us entirely too soon and before reaching their true potential.

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Here is an unreleased track from the late Stack Bundles, titled “I Hear The Questions,” released as a treat to fans who supported the MC’s Pros And Cons documentary over the summer. The soulful track gives listeners a look at exactly why many deemed the Queens MC to be Hip-Hop’s next star prior to his untimely death.

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Before Stack Bundles untimely passing, he recorded this record dating back to 2005 titled “Did It My Way” featuring Kanye West. It’s set to appear on Far Rock Star‘s upcoming Rap In Retrospect mixtape. Hit the jump for the download and link. 

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