Steve Bannon

Bannon, who called for the infectious disease expert's beheading, is now permanently banned from Twitter after his violent missive.

Former chief strategist to President Donald Trump Steve Bannon was subpoenaed last week by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and delivered a closed-door testimony to the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday (Jan. 17). Mueller issued the subpoena after Bannon was quoted in a new book for saying that President Trump’s meeting with Russian authorities was essentially an act […]

White House’s chief strategist Steve Bannon is getting the heave ho. Cheeto Trump blabbed to his higher up that he’s cutting Bannon off, so of course it leaked to the press. 


Is Donald Trump smartening up? Probably not, but he did give Steve Bannon the boot from the National Security Council. 

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi stated the obvious today (Feb. 2). She described Comrade Trump’s senior advisor Steve Bannon as exactly what he is—a white supremacist.