Former chief strategist to President Donald Trump Steve Bannon was subpoenaed last week by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and delivered a closed-door testimony to the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday (Jan. 17). Mueller issued the subpoena after Bannon was quoted in a new book for saying that President Trump’s meeting with Russian authorities was essentially an act of treason.

The New York Times reported on the matter which was quickly picked up and cited by other outlets. The outlet writes in its report that Bannon might not be the central focus on the investigation, and the subpoena is most likely a tactic Mueller is using to get Bannon to bypass the typical grand jury appearance. Of all the individuals connected to the case examining if Trump crossed lines by working with Russia, Bannon appears to be the only one of them to be served a subpoena.

A new book by Michael Wolff contained explosive allegations that Bannon was critical of Trump and his reported closeness with Russia during the days of his campaign for the presidential election. Bannon also reportedly said in Wolff’s book that Donald Trump Jr. personally walked Russian officials to Trump’s office in New York.

Thus far, Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort has faced the most serious charges and was charged with several federal crimes including money laundering. Trump has gone public in distancing himself from Bannon once the news of the comments in Wolff’s book went public. 

The below tweet thread by Illionios Attorney General candidate Renato Mariotti offers a simple breakdown of what took place today and speculates the possibilities.

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