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When it comes to Tupac Shakur – Hip-Hop’s most beloved and controversial figure of all-time – the life and experiences of the man who accomplished more in 25 years than some do in three lifetimes are about as well documented as one will find on a celebrity. The hypocrisy in his messages at times made […]


Hip-Hop’s favorite boogeyman is back on the wrong side of the law. Suge Knight was arrested last night after cops pulled over his truck and discovered there was a warrant out for his arrest.

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Hip-Hop fans were all warm and fuzzy last week after seeing photos of former Roc-A-Fella bosses Jay Z and Damon Dash kicking it at a mutual associate’s birthday party. Although it wasn’t officially billed as the pair reuniting, it did prove that feuds in the rap game don’t last forever.

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Ray-J’s mouth got him into a fight early this morning. The singer/reality TV star was recorded getting into a heated argument with a woman, which kicked off after he called her a “fat b-tch,” and ended in a physical fight.


Just because he allegedly squashed beef with Snoop Dogg does not mean Suge Knight isn’t up to his old tricks. Not one but two bench warrants have been issued in California for the Death Row Records founder’s arrest.

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Yep, you read that right. Snoop Dogg—Snoop Lion if you want to get technical—was kicking it with Suge Knight in the club.

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There’s a lot to be said for Snoop Dogg’s Reincarnated. On the surface it seemed that his adventure into reggae music was just a gimmick, a way to cross over into a new genre and get extra checks. But beneath the speculation lies a sincere connection to a journey into a new realm of music.

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Vanilla Ice put one of Hip-Hop’s biggest urban legends to rest on Shade 45’s Sway In The Morning radio show. 

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After numerous arrests and altercations, it appears that Katt Williams has reached his breaking point. Fresh out of custody after being taken in on child endangerment allegations, the troubled comedian accused police of specifically singling him out while comparing himself to Trayvon Martin.

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Every father (notice we said “father”) wants to be a good example to their children. But when you’re a rapper who promotes violence, misogyny and bucking the system on a daily basis, sometimes balancing being a shining example to your chirren and being a good entertainer can get tricky. Often times a rapper’s bad habits can […]

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Death Row Records has fallen into one financial hole after another over the years, and they still have old debts to settle. Slaughterhouse rapper Crooked I is one of the people owed money by the fledgling label, and he opened up to about the financial battle. According to the 33-year-old the record label is […]

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DJ Premier is one of, if not THEE greatest Hip-Hop producer of all time. So it’s only fitting that Nardwuar delve into the New York legends past on a quick stroll down memory lane. But where exactly do you start? Since arriving on the scene in the mid 80’s and being a lifelong fan of […]