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Any doubts that Danny Brown’s hiatus came and went with the announcement of his forthcoming album Atrocity Exhibition. From the project, he releases “Pneumonia,” which hits the Internets today.


Syd tha Kid‘s soul collective,  The Internet, has announced a new album slated for release later this month. To set the mood, Syd, Matt Martians and the rest of the crew debuted a new track, “Special Affair.” 


Summertime is but a fleeting treasure to be experienced every year. Nevertheless, the people over at Hennessy have devised a flavorful plan to allow its consumers to always savor its ambiance with a few new concoctions with their product as the base ingredient.

News, Wired Tracks

We challenge you to find many projects this year more aptly titled than Feel Good by The Internet. The Odd Future duo, comprised of DJ, singer, and producer Syd tha Kid and producer Matt Martians, have provided a mellow listening experience that simply feels good.


The talented – if controversial – band of merry west coast misfits Odd Future are set to make a splash this coming fall with a nationwide tour set to coincide with all of the many upcoming releases from the camp starting next month. After teasing a new track “Elimination Chamber” featuring Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples […]