tamron hall

Kim Burrell is still BIG MAD about Yolanda Adams not feeling her controversial sermon from 2017 that wreaked of homophobia. The acclaimed gospel singer used a recent visit to the Tamron Hall show to express her disappointment, and the talk show host had some pushback.

With his wife by his side, the one-time Florida gubernatorial hopeful shared the news with veteran journalist Tamron Hall.

Kicking off the second season of her talk show, The Tamron Hall Show, the in-depth interview sheds light on the incident that left the young husband and father of three unconscious in a Miami Beach motel with bags on crystal meth on the scene. Gillum was found in this state alongside two other men, one of which who overdosed and been identified as a gay male escort who claimed that he and Gillum were friends.

Tamron Hall has returned to television with a new, hit eponymously named talk show, so of course rumors of her selling cocaine as a teen have surfaced.* However, she denies ever flipping birds for illicit drug money to line her pockets.

Tamron Hall was one of the brightest stars on the NBC News network, gaining respect in the media industry as one of the top journalists around. Since leaving the network, Hall will host her own show on ABC soon and it appeared that she might have been reveling in the firing of Blackface-loving former NBC […]

Former NBC News and MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall have struck a new development deal with Disney which will see her move to daytime television. Hall, who worked a decade with NBC properties, will bring a talk show to syndicated stations at a later date.

Tamron Hall, the longtime NBC journalist and anchor, left the network amid chatter that she and Al Roker were being replaced by white counterparts. The National Association of Black Journalists has accused the network of “whitewashing” after replacing she and Al Roker’s slot with former Fox News host Megyn Kelly.